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Porquê escolher a Normolde?


Why choose Normolde?

Normolde is a company in the plastics industry that responds quickly to its customers’ demands, without ever putting the quality of its work at risk.

We try, whenever possible, to present the most efficient solutions, in terms of design, price and competitive deadlines.

Our practice is to establish partnerships with large-scale groups and companies (whether they work with sales or manufacturing) so that they can get complete projects and therefore meet the demands of their final customers.

At the same time, we intend to use our increased productivity to explore the export side of the business so that we are able to respond to direct customers.

The main market for the moulds manufactured by us is the automotive market, followed by the pharmaceutical, aeronautic, electrical appliance and die-casting sectors, among others.

Germany is at the top of the list of countries to which our products are sent, followed by France, Mexico, Spain and Portugal.

Planning is knowing how to look forward! In our industry it is more than that, it means being prepared to alter plans at any minute.”

Guilherme Santos



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