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With the plan to expand our facilities by more than 634 m², reaching a total covered area of almost 1,150 m², we aim to boost our production capacity.

Throughout our experience we have tried to identify key points to reach better final results, and we have established the following path:


We work in the following way:


Good planning minimises errors during the journey

This area is constantly updated by acquiring new software and internal training for new staff members.

Every step of the journey is implemented and following in the following departments:

  • Projects Department

The extensions at our facilities allow our projects team to grow, providing new work positions in order to provide a design service, the ability to deal with possible changes to moulds in shorter and shorter timeframes and to optimise all the planning work.


Manufacturing is putting the project into practice (while always critiquing and improving it), before moving on to assembly and finishing

New equipment was acquired to guarantee better quality.

The following departments are involved in this stage:

  • Conventional Milling Department
  • CNC / Robotic Electrode Machining Department
  • EDM Department

Assembly and Finishing

Assembly and finishing involve filtering all the work done up to this stage.

This team has been expanded, and is currently composed of six people on the workbench and two on the grinder.

This final stage involves the following departments:

  • Workbench Department
  • Grinder Department
  • Polishing Department

At the moment, we provide a range of services that include design, manufacture, and post-sales care for moulds manufactured by us, as well as providing machining and mould repair services to long-term partners.

Our maximum capacity, in terms of size, goes up to approx.  1200 mm x 900 mm x 900 mm  , i.e., the equivalent of 7.5 tonnes.


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