Portugal 2020

Description of the project | Expansion of productive capacity through the internalisation of services and technological innovation

Project code CENTRO – 02 – 0853 – FEDER – 023446

Main Objective | Reinforcing the competitive edge of small and medium-sized companies

Region where intervention will take place | Central Portugal

Receiving company| Normolde – Estruturas De Moldes e Moldes, Lda

Date of approval | 18-05-2017

Start date | 09-30-2016

End date | 12-30-2017

Total eligible cost | 660,555.98

Financial support from the European Union |

ERDF – 393,971.09 EUR

ESF – 2,756.25 EUR


Increasing the production capacity of the company with a view to increasing its competitive edge and the scale of innovation of the moulds produced, which will have a greater technical complexity and be rotating moulds with an indexing plate.

Creating a Technical Support and Budgeting Office and training room. Investment in software in the area of Design and Programming.


* Increasing technological skills in the design and programming

* Expanding production capacity and improving production processes

* Creating a Technical Support / Budgeting Office and reinforcing the capacity for and quality of responses from the budgeting department

* Introducing new services of Micro-perforation and Electrical discharge machining (EDM)

* Classifying the organisation and its Human Capital

* Acquiring new strategic tools for Marketing / Web marketing

Expected / achieved results:

Increased quality of production and services provided, growth in revenue and EBITDA and overall increase in productivity.