Occupational Health, Safety and Quality Policy

  • Execute conditions agreed with customers with rigor and professionalism in order to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction in the area of Manufacturing Moulds for Thermoplastic Injection and Semi-solid Moulding as well as Providing Services in the area of ​​Mould Manufacturing, including Maintenance, Repair and Component Manufacturing.
  • Stimulate sales of products / services in foreign markets, through direct marketing to customers in the sector.
  • Implement measures that contribute to the progressive reinforcement of the Quality and Safety Culture in the company and to maintaining relationships of trust with customers, employees, suppliers, subcontractors and other interested parties.
  • Ensure that workers’ health is protected.
  • Implement effective security management with the consequent reduction of accidents and incidents and with the objective of continuous improvement of the products / services provided.
  • Promote training that allows employees to be informed about the risks associated with their jobs and the importance of their tasks in relation to the products / services, as well as about any preventive measures necessary, aiming at the continuous improvement of the skills of all employees.
  • Meet the applicable requirements; in particular comply with the regulations, directives and standards related to product and service compliance and Occupational Health, Safety and Hygiene.
  • Optimise the use of equipment and technology.
  • Establish practices that enable the continuous improvement of effectiveness and performance of the Management System.

Management undertakes to enforce the requirements of the NP ISO 9001 Standard and to use it as a factor in promoting Quality. It also undertakes to promote and ensure Safety and Health at Work.