Over the years, Normolde has come to realize that its customers are increasingly looking for more technical moulds, higher precision, larger dimensions and shorter deadlines. To meet these demands, Normolde has been investing in high-tech machines / tools as well as high-end CAD / CAM software.


The combination of the increased size the production area and the new technology acquired have allowed Normolde to take a significant step in developing its ability to respond to Customer demand.


We now provide a range of services ranging from designing and manufacturing to post-sale assistance for the moulds we manufacture, as well as providing various mould machining and repair services to our long-term partners.

Our maximum capacity is as high as approx. 1200 mm x 900 mm x 900 mm, i.e. the equivalent of 7.5 tonnes.

The key points in our production process are the following:

Our process is as follows:


“A good plan minimises mistakes later in the process”

This section is constantly evolving.

This evolution involves regularly updating our planning software as well as providing continuous training for our employees.

This section is focussed on improving the team’s ability to respond to customer orders in the shortest amount of time possible, both finding faster ways to carry out the phase in which the mould is designed, and in studying possible changes that may arise.

It also aims to optimize all planning work.


“To manufacture is to put into practice everything from the plan (whilst criticising and optimising it) with the final goal of assembling and finishing the project”

New equipment was purchased to ensure better quality.

Normolde has the following departments:

  • Conventional / Climb Hobbing Department
  • CNC Hobbing / Automated electron milling Department
  • Wire penetration and erosion Electrical Discharge Machining Department
  • Micro perforation Department

Assembly and Finishing

“Assembling and finishing is the filtering of all the work done up until that point”

This final phase is carried out by the following departments:

  • Assembly Department
  • Grinding Department
  • Polishing Department

The main focus in this phase of the process is guaranteeing that deadlines agreed with customers are met in their entirety, always meeting the quality standards required.